If it were the Heavenly Law Palace that wanted to attack Chu Feng, many people would stand up for him. However, if it was this Ancient Era’s Immortal Elf that wanted to attack Chu Feng, the crowd would not be able to help Chu Feng even though they possessed the will to do so. “Today, I’ll kill this Chu Feng. If anyone dares to obstruct me, that person will be killed alongside Chu Feng,” Sure enough, Xian Yuyin’s uncle also knew that there were a lot of people here that wanted to help Chu Feng. Thus, he started by threatening them. As he said those words, he cast his gaze filled with murderous intentions at the crowd. Not a single person dared to face his gaze. “Heh…” Seeing that, the crowd from the Heavenly Law Palace started to reveal cold smiles. They thought to themselves, ‘As they say, there’s always a curb to everything. That Chu Feng is truly arrogant, and has made us suffer repeatedly. And now… there is finally someone that will take care of Chu Feng for us.’ Surprisingly, right in the moment when everyone felt that a calamity was about to befall Chu Feng, Chu Feng spoke with a smile on his face. “I spared your life once. Yet, never would I expect for you to not treasure your life, but instead actually dare to come here to throw it away.” “Since you’ve come, I will no longer spare you this time around. You can go and accompany your disappointing nephew, Xian Yuyin.” “What did you say?! Say it again?!!!!” Not to mention the others, even Xian Yuyin’s uncle was extremely shocked by Chu Feng’s words.